Top Types of Scrubs Available

Top Types of Scrubs Available

Medical uniforms are being modernized along with the healthcare sector. Frontline healthcare professionals can now choose from a wide range of options. Scrub sets and suits have replaced lab coats as the preferred choice for medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and physicians.

Most hospital staff members, including doctors, nurses, and medical technicians, wear this as part of their uniform. Scrubs are used for two main reasons:

(1) Make it simple for patients and visitors to recognize physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel. 

(2) Create the perfect, hassle-free, and easy to maintain clothing. 

Different Types Of Scrubs

But nowadays, medical scrubs come in various styles, colours, and sizes for different jobs. Below are a few of the Scrubs available:

1) Nursing Scrubs

The non-restrictive, comfortable, and modern scrubs for nurses allow for easy movement. Scrub  tops and Scrub pants contain pockets to keep items that will assist them in accomplishing their work properly. The scrubs we carry are versatile to all body types. Our sizes and styles range from extra small to extra large and also include fits such as petites and talls. We take pride in offering  practical, stylish, long-lasting, comfortable and effective scrubs for our customers who require to put their best foot forward when it comes to their work.

2) Surgical Scrubs

These scrubs are thought to be frequently worn during operations. As surgeons and operation assistants come into contact with bodily fluids like blood, mucus, and other chemicals, doctors and medical assistants sterilize these surgical scrubs as soon as possible after surgery. These scrubs are used exclusively in operating rooms where surgeons do procedures.

A disposable gown is worn over the scrubs, with a scrub shirt and scrub pants, which make up the surgical uniform. The costume includes surgical pullovers, 3-ply surgical masks, and other items. To protect the skin during operations, this clothing should cover the body and be loose enough to be comfortable without obstructing precise working movements.

3) Lab Coats

Like a jacket, Doctors can pair a lab coat, a classic garment, over a pair of scrubs or other professional attire. This is the perfect workwear for medical technicians and other healthcare professionals handling chemicals and bodily fluids (blood, urine, stool, etc.).

If you like the full-sleeved lab coats, these coats are especially useful for shielding the arms from spills and drops. These polyester or polypropylene lab coats are stain-resistant and easy to clean. They are breathable fabrics with an antibacterial finish.

4) Patients Scrub

It should be no surprise that patients admitted to the hospital must also wear a specific uniform. Particularly pregnant women are required to wear them. Maternity scrubs are cozy to wear and keep these new mothers clean and comfortable as they recover from a challenging delivery. The patient's identity is made clearer by the scrubs. The patient can be moved more easily if they are immobile, allowing the skin to breathe more easily and may facilitate cleaning.

Since the Global Pandemic, people are now more concerned with how to stop getting and spreading the virus. Everyone is a lot more conscious and alert right now. Scrubs' primary function is to protect from dangerous bacteria and germs along with ease of wear and comfort. Given all of these considerations, Scrubs4U is the ideal place to get scrub suits that are the pinnacle of medical attire. We offer the best scrubs in Canada for your field.

Above are some scrubs available to make your shift easy and comfortable. Now that you know their variety, you can depend on medical scrubs. Contact Scrubs4U as soon as possible to receive the best uniform scrubs in Canada! Stay safe, updated, and professional!
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