8 Best Printed Women Scrub Tops of this Year

8 Best Printed Women Scrub Tops of this Year

Medical articles of clothing are something in which doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, and even medical students spend their whole day. Of course, the  medical uniform is protective and guards them against the daily challenges of their work. However, they also need to be highly comfortable and long-lasting.

Along with their quality, there is a need to pay attention to the cut, colour, and design. Gone are the days when medical clothing was just white; now, there is a massive variety of colour, style, fit, fabric and cut. Especially when it comes to scrub tops, there is a great range of designs, patterns, and colours. Printed Scrubs for women have a tremendous demand in the market.

In this blog, we have cited the best-selling printed scrubs that got popular due to their unique design and the comfort they offer!

Best Printed Scrub Tops for Women:

Purple DOGNUT Zinnia Printed Women's Scrub Top

 As the name suggests, this adorable Zinnia Dognut Printed Scrub Top has the print of cute dogs with donuts. This Scrub Top is purple and made of 4-Way Stretch fabric that stretches and recovers both widths and lengthwise. It has 4 pockets that provide a huge capacity to hold all your items.

Butterfly Strokes Zinnia Printed Women's Scrub Top

With a mesh of flowers and butterflies, this Scrub Top simultaneously gives a subtle and lively look. The colour combination of this design is muchly appreciable along with its design. It has multifunctional 4 lower pockets that you can use to hold your necessary things.

Letter Balloon Zinnia Printed Women's Scrub Top

This beautiful Zinnia Letter Balloons Printed Scrub Top has a balloon print of red, pink, purple, and blue colours on a black base. This Scrub Top is highly stretchable and made of 93% polyester and 7% Spandex material. You don't need to iron it due to its wrinkle-resistant nature.

Fairy Floral Printed Zinnia Women's Scrub Top

This admiringly feminine Fairy Floral Zinnia Printed Women's Scrub Top can be worn to work every day. It has a beautiful flower print that matches very well with the subtle grey texture in its base. The 4 spacious pockets are a very useful feature of this Scrub Top.

Christmas Trees and festive Puppies Printed Zinnia Women's Scrub Top

This festive theme-inspired Scrub Top comes with Christmas trees and festive puppies on the blue base. This Scrub Top not only has a beautiful design but also has wrinkle-resistant material that can be worn as it is without any need for ironing.

Alpaca Sally-Pink White Cross Printed V-neck Top

With cute Alpaca Sally on a sweet pink base, it is a design to fall in love with. This Scrub Top is soft, comfy, and made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex material. The neck of the top is V-shaped and has different pockets. It also includes a hidden pocket for extra convenience.

Big Circus Purple Zinnia Printed Women's Scrub Top

With sizes available from XS to 2XL, this Big Circus Purple Zinnia Printed Women's Scrub Top is made from a 4-way stretchable material. You can wear this Printed Scrub Top to the office and spread the lively vibes of the circus theme. The material is considerably breathable and made of Polyester and Spandex.

Penguin Love in the Snow Zinnia Printed Scrub Top

This Penguin Love in the Snow Zinnia Printed Scrub Top has the cutest design that circulates the holiday vibes. It has large 2 pockets and stretchable material. It is easy to wash this Scrub Top. The quality will stay the same, even after multiple washes.

Next Steps

The above-mentioned Printed Scrub Tops are the best-selling scrubs this year. You can also check out other products and shop for the one you like. Instead of your usual medical scrubs, wear these beautifully designed scrub tops to feel good and express your style.

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